Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I know I'm probably the last blogger who mentioned about how good the Silhouette SD is but I really need to tell you all about this amazing machine. I've read the review about this machine a while back via howaboutorange and I'm already in awe back then. Couple months later and husband surprised me with the SD as my birthday present. Yayness! But somehow although I'm dying to play with the thing, coping between breastfeeding, diaper changing, baby burping, pumping n so on n so on, playing with a cutting machine is not a good idea.

Now that the baby is bigger, I get to play with my SD baby. I've put the machine on with all the cable, read the instructions, put the blade, etc and try to run it and (drum roll)  it did not cut! Not a bit. Disappointed I then messaged my friend Lia from liaspace and bothered her about this machine. Take pics and in the end I ended up with an email to their support. Lucky me their customer service is a real top notch one. They saw my pics and without further ado, they send me a new blade. Another yayness. 

So after all the drama with the machine, I get to play around with it and cut some serious shapes. You'll be amazed with what the machine can do. Seriously.

Here's how the machine works. I did not have time to take better pics during the cutting process since I'm completely in awe. With their registration marks sensor, the machine is also able to cut your color print design exactly where you want it. I print out some apple tags (bought the design from their studio for 0.90c) and then cut it. Neat! 

After easy apple tags, I decided to try out something unbelievably hard design. A doily that is. And I'm a fool once again. It cuts all the details perfectly!

Done with 2D design, I decided to try their 3D design and make this cute little box with a window. And of course, it cuts and the result wouldn't be better. A very cute little box just in a matter of minutes is ready for you to ensemble and filled with candies or anything basically for your favor box. 

And now, everyday, I've spent at least fifteen minutes in their studio buying their design and cut them and leave with an awe. A must buy machine for all crafter out there. 

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