Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somethings I like...

Gorgeous suitcases from dreamesh, oh so true canvas bag from kate spade and bubble bird cushion from kimomo. Aren't they pretty? Sighh....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New items in the store. I have two pinboards and some lovely linen fabrics. Don't forget to check them out. Many thanks dearies!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sewing project

Ever since I'm pregnant with my daughter, I've been so attached to my sewing machine. Everyday during my pregnancy I sew something. Call it a cushion, a stuffed dinosaurs and even an ipad case. But after the labour, breastfeeding yada yada I never get the chance to sew well not just chance but the mood to sew anymore. But now my sewing mood is happily striking back =)

I sew this matryoshka pouch kit that I bought several months ago. It actually consists of three pouches but I swear even stitching the biggest one already made me feel so desperate. And big mama matroy it is for the time being hehe. Second project was a diaper pouch using the tuto from my dearest friend and great blogger lia. I must say this diaper pouch is addictive. I sew one for my baby nephew but the day after I sew another one for my daughter. Its uber cute. Thank you dearest lia i heart u so!

christmas 2011

Christmas is way over but I just wanna looked back next year and remember all that happened on the last christmas. My family decided to throw some family brunch on the 26th (hence the "merry belated christmas" tags) so I made a simple wall ornament and thank you souvenir for all the guests using my silhouette SD. I filled the tiny milk cart bag with kimomo's pouch.

I also received two wonderful gifts from my dearest cousin and my best friend. Envy right? One is tiramisu in a jar and second is two boxes of wooden airmail stamps. Yeayness!  

I actually didn't get time to spent the christmas on the day because I was flying during christmas day but I really enjoyed this year christmas. Hopefully this year's christmas will be great as well! Merry belated christmas!

to die for

Hi I'm back =)
I know I've been away for quite sometimes from the blogging world and I truly miss it. At the beginning (or still up til' now I believed) of my blogging-esque some of my friends doubt my consistency in writing this blog. I must say that somewhat what they're thinking is true but trust me my friend I'm really trying my best to cope up with my tot, cooking (yes a bit of cooking experiment) and some everyday work (excuses excuses potato potata). But water under the bridge now I'm back in my writing mood.

I found this cute website of a cake store in San Francisco called miette via eat drink chic and I'm stumped and I can not wait to share them with you.

photos find via miette's website

When you saw a cake shop as sweet as this don't you wish you could sleep in it? Haha... Hope you all have a great weekend!