Monday, December 5, 2011

rag dolls

I've spent my entire day yesterday sewing dolls for my baby. I bought the fabric a while ago but never get around to sew it until lately. I finished one doll about a month ago but never have the eagerness to finish the other three hehe. But yesterday I was in my full sewing spirit mode (yes this is my maximum sewing spirit mode, sewing three dolls, n yes sewing here means stitching both bad side of the fabric, turn it over, stuff it in then bam its a doll, yes yes that sewing nyah nyah). And I finished them woot woott.

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The blue and pink are my favorites while my baby loves the pink one. I actually sew the pink one first so basically even if  I didn't sew the rest three, she wouldn't care anyway haha. Owell, I love them!

I also get the time to play with my Silhouette SD machine today, the nice people at Silhouette Customer Service sent me a new replacement blade and it arrives today. I must say I'm impressed (both with the machine and their service). Will post some pictures of what the machine's capable of doing tomorrow.  

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