Friday, November 25, 2011

it's about time

On this very gloomy day, I decided to start blogging (for real). I actually started blogging a while ago, but never get around it very much. So hopefully this time I can get around writing everyday (or every week, hehe).

I will share all things that I find wonderful for my eyes (I am such an easy pleaser so there will be a lot of things I share here) and I recently fell in love with paper. I always thought paper is such an annoying thing. What to do with the left over? How can you keep the left over tidily? Unlike fabric that you can easily fold and store, you definitely can't fold a paper without causing a crease and boy how i hate crease on a piece of a paper. But far long gone my loathe to paper, now paper is my new lover. And as if the paper fairy is teasing me, lately I found lots of beautiful paper. Here are some of the papers I think are very sweet and adorable.


photos courtesy of Made with Love 

all papers are beautiful collections from My Mind's Eye collection and luckily in Jakarta you can find this collections at Made With Love. Beautiful aren't they? And to make it even worst, they also come with some pretty embellishments, matching ribbons and die cuts even stamps. Life is not fair....  Sigh....

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