Sunday, February 5, 2012

sewing project

Ever since I'm pregnant with my daughter, I've been so attached to my sewing machine. Everyday during my pregnancy I sew something. Call it a cushion, a stuffed dinosaurs and even an ipad case. But after the labour, breastfeeding yada yada I never get the chance to sew well not just chance but the mood to sew anymore. But now my sewing mood is happily striking back =)

I sew this matryoshka pouch kit that I bought several months ago. It actually consists of three pouches but I swear even stitching the biggest one already made me feel so desperate. And big mama matroy it is for the time being hehe. Second project was a diaper pouch using the tuto from my dearest friend and great blogger lia. I must say this diaper pouch is addictive. I sew one for my baby nephew but the day after I sew another one for my daughter. Its uber cute. Thank you dearest lia i heart u so!


  1. mbak, i'd like to order the exact diaper pouch if you are willing to make one for me. if you're interested please email me yaaaaaa.. otherwise i'll be drooling aja hehehe...

  2. hehe ga berani mbaa amatir poll jaitan mencang mencong sana sinii hehe ke ahlinya aja mba, mba lia di hehe tq for ur interest mba im so flatterred!

  3. hahahaa.. ok ok thanks for the link. meluncur kesana sekarang.... :))

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